It all started with a small child’s questions, “How are birds born?  How do they come out of an egg?”  From there, we built an incubator for a hands-on learning opportunity.  We watched our own birds come into the world one slow peck at a time and then grow into beautiful, friendly adults.  That same child wanted to start selling eggs to raise money for FIRST (  His skin condition can be limiting, (especially in weather extremes) but he takes his farm chores and love for his animals very seriously.  Our farm has grown in the years since, but we still cater to children’s curiosity. 


Welcome to our farm!

Fresh Eggs/Sweet Babies

  1. -Chicken eggs in a rainbow of colors (eating/hatching)

  2. -Farm fresh, pastured, natural feed, loved

Other things our farm has to offer:

  1. -Guinea & Duck eggs (eating/hatching)

  2. -Farm fresh produce

  3. -to come: goat’s milk products Spring 2012

© 2011 All photos and text copyright by Erin Burke Edwards